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Ensign Udal

Name Udal

Position Assistant Security Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Orion
Age 25

Command Codes

Physical Profile

Height 6'5
Weight 179 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Udal is tall, and muscular, though he is still quite trim. Unlike most Orions he does not shave his scalp, and also generally wears a mustache.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview Brusque, arrogant, and cocky, as are most Orions, but also with a deep commitment to his career, and serving the Federation that saved him. Due to past trauma, he is incredibly hard to get to know, and very untrusting. He also tends to bottle his emotions up, which can sometimes lead to fits of temper, which he is working to control.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Martial arts, weapons combat, martial history and philosophy, loud music, food
Strengths and Weaknesses + Strong-Willed
+ Intelligent

- Impatient
- Untrusting

Family History

Service History

Personal History Before Starfleet Udal was born an orphan, his father killed while his mother was still pregnant, and his mother dying in childbirth far from home. Due to this lack of a family to care for him he ended up in one of the lowest castes in Orion society, and, much like their women, was sold off into slavery. From that point on his early life would be an abject nightmare. Sold into the home of a prominent Romulan with a penchant for males at the age of seven, he was treated well at first, but then, as he grew older, began to be abused in ways he still won't discuss.

At the age of fourteen, however, he entered puberty, and nature took its course, turning him from a small, weak child, into a much larger, and more powerful young man. By the age of sixteen, he was no longer a part of the Romulan man's household, after growing far too strong to be bent to his whims. Instead, he was sold to a human man in need of bodyguards.

It wasn't until he was nearly twenty that Udal would finally find himself freed from the life of torment and slavery that he had been subjected to when his owner unknowingly crossed into Federation space, and his ship was boarded. All cargo was confiscated, and the entire crew was taken into custody. It was during the boarding that Udal brought himself to the attention of the ship's XO, a former SecTac officer, who was quite impressed by how well the young man handled himself. Once it was discovered that he, and the rest of the Orion's on the ship, were all slaves, they were cleared of all charges and set free to seek their own lives. Udal, however, was approached by the ship's XO and given a very interesting offer. Sponsorship to Starfleet Academy as a SecTac Cadet.
Starfleet Service History Starfleet Academy: Cadet I-IV (SecTac Track) - 4 yrs
USS Vishnu: Ensign - Tactical Officer - 1 yr.
USS Ulysses: Ensign - Assistant Chief Tactical Officer - Current