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Commander Aria Winters

Name Aria Winters

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/El-Aurian
Age 31

Command Codes

Physical Profile

Height 5ft7
Weight 125lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Of just above average height, Aria maintains has a slender but athletic frame. Hiking and daily runs help her to remain in shape, along with swimming and kickboxing. Nevertheless she has a relaxed posture, an open friendly smile and soulful brown eyes. She has some scaring on her back from an old injury but this is completely hidden when she is in uniform.
Annual Medical Review Doctor Isla Holmes, Starfleet Medical:

Upon completion of the annual physical, I am pleased to confirm Lieutenant Commander Winters is perfectly fit, healthy and remains cleared for active duty. Minor scaring is noted next to the spinal column, the aftermath of an incident on a previous assignment prior to her return to Starfleet just over three years ago after a medical leave of absence. There are no indications of any ill effects, with no pain or impact on mobility.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview Aria has, on initial inspection, a very relaxed attitude willing to take whatever the galaxy wishes to through her way. She has a calmness and a welcoming smile, always willing to lend an ear.

That aside, Aria listens more than she shares. She protects her privacy and will perfectly at ease in a crowd, is equally content in her own company. She can have a very dry, sarcastic sense of humour but as the daughter of diplomats can usually know when is the right time to speak and when to hold her tongue.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Aria's ambition is to explore and help to sate her naturally curious mind.

Her hobbies include running, hiking, swimming, kickboxing as well as curling up with an old fashioned book and a glass of wine. She keeps up to date with scientific research, having begun her career as a science officer.
Strengths and Weaknesses Strengths:
Calm in a crisis, level headed.
Broad knowledge of the sciences, while previous assignments have also allowed her stints in Ops and engineering.
Loyal to her friends and crew

Does not truly trust easily
Often stubborn to a fault if certain that her way is the best way
Would rather take on any risk herself, than endanger someone else
Annual Psychological Review Doctor Ivan Kahn.

As expected, Lieutenant Commander Winters was friendly and talkative while not saying much of significance. This is my third annual review with the Columbia survivors, with the intention of the on ship staff taking responsibility for all future reviews.

I find Aria a contradiction, albeit perfectly capable of remaining on active duty. Once again I found myself doing most of the talking, stopping when I realised that I was discussing my dinner plans with my husband rather than anything which may be troubling the commander. A listener, not a talker. Although she did divulge that, while a scientist at heart, she had taken leave recently to explore ancient religious sites on Earth, describing it as 'interesting'.

She has once again passed every evaluation Starfleet can think of to throw at the 'Columbia Seven' and I cannot help but be impressed. She has shown no signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, although a file note will remain to monitor for this.

I can see commendations on file from Captain McLintock for actions in the line of duty. The Rhode Island will be completing a final few months before the ship is decommissioned and the crew reassigned. While her promotion to XO was due to the loss of the previous first officer, McLintock has written a glowing review, recommending her for a permanent assignment elsewhere as first officer. It is my opinion that this recommendation be taken on board and I remain satisfied that Lt.Commander Aria remains fit for duty.

Family History

Spouse None
Children None
Father Matthew Winters, 59 years old, Ambassador
Mother Ekari Winters, 423 years old, Ambassador
Brother(s) Rayan - stepbrother
Kylan - stepbrother
Other Family Numerous extended family via her mother's family.

Service History

Personal History Before Starfleet Born in 2362, Aria was a child of three worlds.

With a Human father and El-Aurian mother, Aria was born and raised on Vulcan, where her parents served as Federation Ambassadors. It was a life which regularly brought her into contact with other species, usually the children of other dignitaries and she was fascinated by the different cultures and languages. Her favourite times, however, came when she had to go off-world with her parents and she got to experience life among the stars.

Naturally curious, she found an affinity with the sciences and excelled in her studies. While offered the opportunity to study at several prestigious universities, she made the decision to join Starfleet instead. A decision which both of her parents supported but especially her mother, who always encouraged her to go out and explore what the universe had to offer.

Passing the entrance exam, she threw herself into her studies, becoming a popular figure at the Academy and making some lifelong friends along the way. Graduating with distinction, she was offered her choice of assignments and never looked back.

Starfleet Service History 2382 - Graduation from Starfleet Academy
2382 - Assigned to Deep Space 19 (Ensign, Science Officer)
2384 - Reassigned to USS Columbia, (Lt.JG, Assistant Chief Science Officer)
2385 - USS Columbia, Chief Science Officer.
2386 - USS Columbia, Chief Science Officer & 2XO
2388-2390 - Medical leave. All records relating to USS Columbia sealed.
2390 - Assigned to USS Rhode Island, Chief Science Officer & 2XO
2392 - USS Rhode Island, Chief Science Officer/ Acting First Officer
2393 - Reassigned to USS Ulysses.