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Lieutenant JG Tokala Brant

Name Tokala Chayton Brant

Position Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human (Mohawk, Native American)
Age 28
Starfleet Service Number TE 27735684-ETB

Command Codes

Command Access Authorisation Code Brant-3-7 Golf Tango
Voice Authentication Code Brant November 5 5

Physical Profile

Height 6'1"
Weight 175
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description
Tokala is a proud Native American, a full-blooded Mohawk, and one look at him leaves no doubt about his heritage. He’s a little taller than an average human man and is a well-proportioned one seventy-five pounds. It’s pretty clear he takes care of himself. He does lift some weights to give himself definition, but he primarily keeps in shape by running and bodyweight work when he’s on a ship or station, or hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities when he’s home or on shore leave

His hair is the color of dark roasted coffee beans, with a few lighter highlights around his hairline. It falls past his shoulders in the traditional Native American style. When he is on duty, he keeps it pinned up when he’s off-duty he either lets it hang loose or puts in pigtails.

His eyes are a warm chestnut brown and they reflect the light.

Shortly after he graduated from the Academy he was asked to be in a recruiting holovid and most would say he’s easy on the eyes and has the appearance of a model.

He has a rich baritone voice and has been known to sing a song now and again.
Annual Medical Review Tokala has had numerous injuries when he was a juvenile including a broken arm, wrist, boxer's fracture, collarbone, leg, and more than one cracked ribs. Those are all healed and have given him no issues with the exception of his collarbone which will occasionally cause some minor pain.

Otherwise, he is in excellent health and has no major issues.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview When the Brants named their children, they hoped their personalities would reflect the names they chose. They got that with all their children but especially with their second son. Tokala (Siousian for fox) is sly and cunning, in some cases, he can even be deceitful. He also has a fierce warrior mentality like his middle name Chayton (Siousian for falcon)

On the Myer-Briggs personality scale, he would be an assertive defender or an ISFJ-A.

The Defender personality type is quite unique, as many of their qualities defy the definition of their individual traits. Though sensitive, Defenders have excellent analytical abilities; though reserved, they have well-developed people skills and robust social relationships; and though they are generally a conservative type, Defenders are often receptive to change and new ideas. As with so many things, people with the Defender personality type are more than the sum of their parts, and it is the way they use these strengths that defines who they are.

He is a warrior, but would rather avoid a conflict with words and diplomacy. But if conflict and war can’t be avoided, he will do whatever it takes to protect those he cares for individually or for the Federation overall.

He researches and evaluates data, but his analysis is more intuitive than analytical.

He would rather spend time curled up reading a book preferably an old fashioned real book or spending time one on one with a good friend, but his job calls for him to mingle and meet a lot of different people.

He’s looking for a long-term relationship with a man that he can make an emotional connection as well as a physical one, but he finds himself in meaningless encounters and transitory relationships or in none at all.

He has a strong moral code and prefers honesty, but sometimes finds himself having to lie to complete a mission.

He may not always be the smartest man in the room, though he often is, but he knows where to go for information when he isn’t.

Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests He would never turn down a promotion or a chance to command, but it’s not a major goal of his. He’s more concerned with doing an excellent job where he is now and hoping that the time his skills are needed would are few and far behind

He has no plans on retiring anytime soon, but when he does he’d rather teach. Probably at the Academy, possibly elsewhere.

Being a skilled hunter and outdoorsman he’d also like to retire on Earth or some otherworld where he could live off the grid

He’d like to find something beyond a transitory relationship and raise a family.

He enjoys spending time in the holodeck, with a rather eclectic taste in programs and has even written a couple.

He'd rather spend time in the real world, however, and likes any kind of outdoor activities, but is especially fond of winter sports like skiing and skating.

He sings and has a decent voice, though he is a better flutist.

He is fascinated by maps and star charts and has even taken a hand in creating some.
Strengths and Weaknesses He thinks well on his feet with a glib tongue. And he’s adept at using his charm and even his looks to accomplish the mission. But, he is better with strategy than tactics.

While he has a strong moral compass and respect for authority and the chain of command if the stakes are high enough he’s willing to cross lines that could jeopardize his career or worse.

He is generally even-keeled but if the right buttons are pushed, he has anger issues.

He is a good organizer and can keep several plates spinning at one time, but he is better at the Intelligence side of the job-especially the gathering of information than he is at the execution of the tactical and logistics side.

He knows that people lie, especially in his line of work. He lies, it’s part of the job, but he has trouble trusting others until they prove themselves, and the deeper the level of trust, the longer it takes.

He is supportive of others, especially those he is close to and is imaginative and observant.

He tends to overload himself and sometimes represses his feelings.

Annual Psychological Review In general, Lieutenant Brant is a fine officer with no major psychological issues. That is not to say that he is without challenges.

While his desire to protect others and preserve the Federation is an exemplary characteristic, He can become obsessive about that and his willingness to cross the line in extreme measures could be seen as troubling.

It's recommended that he not be assigned any long-term, undercover assignments as his ability to "get into character" could be hard for him to pull out of.

He has some trust issues when it comes to intimate partners.

He is a sensitive individual but represses that sensitivity to keep a distance from others.

Family History

Spouse Non
Children None
Father Joseph Brant 49
Mother Halona Brant 51
Brother(s) Joseph Brant II 29, Hinto 23
Sister(s) Enola 25
Other Family Various aunts, uncles and cousins

Service History

Personal History Before Starfleet In ancient times, the Mohawk people were known as Keepers of the Eastern Door and were the traditional guardians of the Iroquois Confederation against invaders from the East. In other words, they were warriors. They were also traders and were equally adept at both skills.

Historically, the Mohawk people were originally based in the valley of the Mohawk River in present-day upstate New York, west of the Hudson River. Their territory ranged north to the St. Lawrence River, southern Quebec and eastern Ontario; south to greater New Jersey and into Pennsylvania; eastward to the Green Mountains of Vermont; and westward to the border with the Iroquoian Oneida Nations’s traditional homeland territory.

Though that is now ancient history, it was not forgotten, those traditions were passed down from generation to generation at least in the Brant family.

Tokala is a direct descendant of Joseph Brant, an influential Mohawk Chief, a military and political leader who lived from March 1743 to November 24, 1807. He was born on February March 7, 2365, on Stratton Mountain in Vermont.

For the most part, Tokala had an ordinary childhood. His family was far from perfect, but there were no major issues. His parents taught them the traditions of their people and believed in giving their children a strong foundation. They also believed in allowing them the freedom to make their own decisions.

His parents were caretakers at the Stratton Mountain Resort. He and his siblings also helped keep the place up, so he grew up with a strong work ethic. He spent a lot of time outdoors. Especially when he was younger and learned to ski when he was seven and became quite good at it. By the time he was a teenager he was an instructor and working on the Search and Rescue Team.

In addition to his outdoor activities, Tokala had an aptitude for technical things as well, especially on the more creative side. He started writing holonovels when he was in middle school though they weren’t very good at that age. His skills did get better as he got older.

He was never a social butterfly, being too much of an introvert, but he did start to come out of his shell after he started in High School. He even ran for class president his freshman year. He lost in a dramatic fashion and never ran again until he got out of High School. He did, however, organize the campaigns of his friends and had much better success there.

When he was a Sophomore he met and fell in love with an Adorian boy named Ren. They got in some minor trouble the Summer of their Junior year, the exact nature of which was sealed by court order and neither boy has talked about it or revealed what happened. The only thing they would ever say is that no one got hurt.

Starfleet Service History They entered the Academy together in 2383 but it was more Ren’s idea than Tocala. The Native American would have been content to pursue a career on Earth and watch the stars. But his boyfriend felt much differently.

The relationship started to unravel their freshman year. Tokala, who had been a mediocre student, though popular student in High School, began to excel at the Academy. He would never become valedictorian, but he was in the top fifteen percent of his graduating class. With Ren, it was just the opposite. He’d been the big man on campus in High School At the Academy, he was just one of many bright Cadets

This was especially grating on Ren when Tokala beat his scores and grades in the Intelligent classes they were both taking. Jealousy began to build and it soon affected their entire relationship. By the end of their sophomore year, their relationship was officially over.

The next year and a half was a turbulent one for Takola. He went from a stable relationship to a lot of one night stands and meaningless encounters. At the same time, he was able to compartmentalize his life and studied hard and took one more responsibility and while he was never in the top ten percent of his class, his grades noticeably improved He remained on the Intelligence Track.

There were two branches in that track; infiltration, and analysis. He was initially drawn to the infiltration side because he'd always been good are reading people and even though he was something of an introvert, he found that acting, or playing a role to be different and something he was good at.

However, at the insistence of his guidance counselor, he started taking classes on the analysis side. He found himself excelling in that area because he took more of an intuitive approach to the data than a strictly analytical one.

Because of his ability to mesh the two specialties together and his skill in organizing things (and people.)got him noticed by some higher-ups, so he was asked to also train in strategic operations. After giving it some thought he agreed and found it to be a good fit for his temperament and abilities.

He balanced his academic side with playing soccer and Dom Jet on an intramural level and Parrises Squares on a competitive one

His Senior year was his best year. He settled down, became celibate, joined the elite Red Squad and even became the class President. Running his own election campaign.

Upon graduating in 2387, his first assignment was aboard the USS Franklin a Defiant-class ship, where he served as an encryption specialist. This was not a strength of his and his evaluations were far from stellar. He did learn some practical understanding of the chain of command and how Starfleet operated, that it was much different than what was taught in the classroom so in that sense he was successful.

In 2388 he was assigned to the USS Vagabond an Intrepid-class ship. He was a little close to his field of specialization, where he served as an infiltration specialist. He was there for a year and a half and his main focus was in undercover work. He even took down a rogue Starship Captian. Still Captain T'lar, a Vulcan put in charge of first the Gamma shift and near the end of his tenure the Beta shift, when he was not actively involved in his Intel work.

Infiltration was his primary responsibility, but he also liaisonined with other ships and became an assistant to the Strategic Operations Officer. He served there until 2390.

The first two and a half years were a foundation for his future career, giving him a broad understanding of a wide variety of fields.

Except in wartime, a ship is not the ideal place for a Stat Ops officer, so, in March of 2390, he was promoted to Lt. (jg) and transferred to Deep Space 5 where he was able to start putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

He did some short term undercover operations other intelligent duties including interrogations. In one of those, with lives on the line, he pushed the envelope of civility and engaged in some enhanced interrogation techniques. He got the information and an attack on a Federation outpost was averted, but he received an official reprimand in his permanent record.

That incident may have delayed the trajectory of his career, and it certainly put his Intelligence work in the back seat to the other part of his duties, but it was a choice he does not regret. Nevertheless, he was able to work his way up to Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer.

The secret to advising the Command Staff was to listen more than he talked, to have his stuff together and to back up his instincts and recommendations with facts and figures.

His time as a shift commander on the Vagabond along with his natural talents helped him to be above-average in coordinating Starfleet and allied assets in the region.

Because of his unique skill set and the needs and mission of the Ulysses he was transferred to that ship in 2393