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Ensign Jocelyn Zemke

Name Jocelyn Delphine Zemke

Position Assistant Operations Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 22

Command Codes

Physical Profile

Height 5'8"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Jocelyn is of typical height and weight for a human female, meeting standardized biometric benchmarks for Federation service. She is slender and athletically toned, maintaining a delicate and feminine physique. Darker golden brown hair is kept at chin length, behind her ears, complimenting her fair porcelain skin and accentuating cognac brown eyes. She has a relaxed posture and can often be seen with her arms crossed or braced on her hips.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview Jocelyn is an only child, and the only female among her 12 cousins. She is considered the family “jewel” in the Zemke legacy of German cops, soldiers, and Starfleet Security Officers. As a child, she learned to play rough, eat fast, and fight hard in order to survive in the Zemke pack. Outgoing and curious, she enjoys spending time with a variety of friends and family. She can be quick tempered and prone to making snap judgement which she later regrets. However, she trusts her instincts and tries to make decisions based on her experience, education, and training.
Strengths and Weaknesses Strengths:
+ Strong Leadership: Charismatic, optimistic, and inspiring, she has the vision and a plan for almost any situation. She values collaboration and attempts to delegate tasks according to skill in order to enhance morale and ensure successful outcomes.
+ Organized: Thrives on predictability and control in both her personal and professional life. She is observant of details and mindful of resources planning three or four steps in advance to create measurable goals and objectives.
+ Self-Assured: Unafraid of change, Jocelyn clings to her gut, trusting her instincts, knowledge, and training to arrive at effective and viable solutions. She has high self-esteem and believes in herself and personal character.
+Assertive: Learned the importance of voicing her opinion and setting boundaries in a world of men. She is not afraid to make herself known in a conversation and put someone in their place if needed.

- Impatient: Often the first to speak, Jocelyn can be quick to make judgement, sometimes regretting such quick action without thinking. She prefers immediate action to be taken after plan development and is always eager to get started.
- Insensitive: Emotions and feelings are a sensitive topic. She is made uncomfortable by the sharing of emotions, finding it difficult to deal with her own. She prefers physical outlets as a means of venting negative feelings. Jocelyn will sometimes speak before thinking and blurt out statements she later regrets.
- Stubborn: Once a plan has been developed and work has begun, it can be difficult for Jocelyn to adapt. She is especially espoused to her own plans and ideas, often sorely afflicted when passed over.

Family History

Father Mark Zemke
Mother Madeleine Zemke
Other Family Extended family. 12 cousins and 6 Uncles.

Service History

Personal History Before Starfleet Jocelyn was born in the year 2372 to Madeliene and Mark Zemke, in the town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Zemke family was large and predominately consisted of male heirs. Her father was one of six children and she, herself, was the only girl among 12 cousins. The Zemke family went back generations, even before the founding of the Federation. The family maintained a business supplying personnel for security, intelligence, and soldiering, while another division focused on research and development for offensive and defensive equipment as well as cybersecurity. The retired family elders focused on maintaining the business, while the next generation finished their careers in Starfleet and other ventures.
Jocelyn was considered the “jewel” in the Zemke legacy of German cops, soldiers, and Starfleet Security Officers. The family instilled the importance of family by instilling values of loyalty, honor, and sacrifice. In order to keep up with her cousins, Jocelyn learned to play rough, eat fast and fight back. She performed well academically and maintained an honor status throughout her secondary education, leaving with no reports of misconduct or absenteeism. She displayed a talent for mathematics and computer technologies and was encouraged to develop those talents, in hopes that it would keep her far from danger’s reach.

In 2385, Jocelyn’s father was stationed on the USS Atlantis. The ship was returning to drydock for refit and repair, when it received a distress signal from the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards and nearby Mars Orbital Facility. Her father died in the line of duty defending the shipyards and orbital facility. Thirteen years old, Jocelyn was significantly impacted by her father’s death. Her family surrounded her with love and support. She was introduced to boxing and martial arts and found it to be an outlet for sad and depressive feelings.

The death of her father encouraged Jocelyn to continue her studies in mathematics and software engineering. She became obsessed with synths, more specifically their programming, determined to understand how the attack on Mars could have been prevented. In honor of her father, and in keeping with family tradition, Jocelyn applied to Starfleet Academy’s School of Engineering and was accepted. She focused her studies on components engineering, programming, and operations.