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Lieutenant JG Josue Torres

Name Josue Angel Torres

Position Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27
Starfleet Service Number JT-11517322-VDO

Command Codes

Command Access Authorisation Code Torres-6-6-Omicron-Chi
Voice Authentication Code Torres- Zeta-1-9

Physical Profile

Height 180 cm
Weight 78.4 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Josue is not what many would expect when they find out he is a Starfleet officer. He is about average height, with olive skin, dark brown hair, and brown eyes. He keeps himself fit with a regular workout routine, and cares a great deal about his appearance. His hair is usually kept longer on top, and short on the sides, and styled nicely, and that trend continues to his facial hair which is either shaved, or neatly styled. However, it's when you see the tattoos that stand out so starkly from his pale skin that he begins to appear somewhat different.

When not on duty Josue tends to wear casual wear, a lot of jeans and t-shirts, though he is not averse to dressier options when the situation calls for it. He also enjoys jewelry, and can almost always be found wearing a watch on his right wrist, as he is left handed. He speaks in a fairly noticable Cuban accent.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview Josue is a study in contradictions. When on regular duty, aboard a ship, or station, he is staunchly stoic, and by the book. He shows little to no patience for levity, and has a laser focus on the task at hand. When off duty, however, he is the polar opposite. A free-spirited man, with an easy laugh, an infectious smile, and a joy for life that often catches people completely off-guard when they first see him off duty, and out of uniform.

When he's on-duty for field assignments he tends to be a strange, unpredictable blend of the two. His appearance, and this discordant blend of personality traits serves him well in his work, allowing him to blend in nicely with those around him and hide the fact that he is a Starfleet officer, and has allowed him great success in his work.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Josue hopes to one day find his way into the Admiralty, continuing in the intelligence track, and having a hand in shaping the day to day operations of the intelligence community of Starfleet, in protection of the Federation.
Strengths and Weaknesses Focused
Great multi-tasking abilities
Loyal only to his job

Family History

Father Josue Angel Torres II
Mother Isabella Torres
Sister(s) Elizabeth Torres, Imelda Torres

Service History

Personal History Before Starfleet Josue Angel Torres III was born at Clinica Los Angeles in Santiago de Cuba at 0345 on January 17, 2366. His mother and father were both Starfleet Officers, though his mother, now nearly in her forties, had chosen to retired when her pregnancy with Josue had been discovered. His father, a signals intelligence specialist chose to request a planet based posting, working at Starfleet Command, so that he could be around for Josue's formative years as well.

As a child Josue was a fickle boy, his moods ranging from serious and focused to a far more trickster style, causing both of his parents untold grief as he played pranks, or pried into matters up and down the neighborhood, annoying the neighbors, and even, in a few instances, their extended family. Then, he started school.

The change in Josue was like night and day. Once he had a sense of structure, and a goal to attain, his natural tendency to focus was enhanced. For the next twelve years, as he moved through the academic world of his primary education he applied himself studiously, and devotedly to his school work. At the same time he also developed a taste for athletics, and would play on the school futbol team from the time he was in sixth grade until he graduated from high school, earning him team captain for the last four years, and earning the school the high school equivalent of the World Cup during his senior year in high school.

After high school Josue would immediately apply to enter Starfleet, choosing to follow in the footsteps of his father. His scores were high enough to warrant his immediately acceptance into the Intel track, and so, saying goodbye to the home he'd always known, and the family he had known he would have to let go of to attain his own goals he would move from Cuba and go to live on the Academy campus in San Francisco.
Starfleet Service History His four years at the Academy were an enlightening time for Josue. He would learn things he had never dreamed of, about topics he had never even known he had an interest in, and would also meet and start to understand people from places he'd only ever heard of. It would create in him an even greater drive to serve the Federation, and protect the many unique beings that made up the grand experiment in diversity that it was.

Once he'd reached his senior year he would be given his first assignment off-world, as an intelligence cadet on the USS T'Povra. Not all cadets chose the training cruise route, but Josue felt it was an important step for him, and one that would help him achieve his goals, and help him to grow into a more capable officer in the long run. During that year he would meet the man who would become his mentor, Commander Stral, a Vulcan who had been a member of the V'Shar for nearly sixty years before joining Starfleet during the Dominion War. Under his tutelage Josue would come to understand aspects of the Intelligence community he had never been privy to outside of hypotheticals and thought experiments in his Academy classrooms. It was an eye-opening experience, and one that would set him up to advance quite quickly once he was released into the fleet after graduation.

His first posting after the Academy was to the USS Valmont, a courier ship, small, fast, and highly adaptable to suit any mission brief Starfleet needed them to take on. Mostly used as a recon vessel, the intelligence presence aboard was large, and active, giving Josue the ability to put some of the things he'd learned from Stral to use. He apparently did this well enough to gain some attention, and so, after three years aboard the Valmont he was picked to move into a more senior position on Starbase 173, working directly for Commodore Harrington. Working with her Josue would train for the next seven months for a variety of possible scenarios, including advanced field operative training so that he could be inserted in various situations where more on the ground intelligence work was required.

In 2393 this training would come in handy as Josue would be assigned to Captain Keziah Nazir, as her chief intelligence officer aboard the USS Cassiopeia. Within months of this posting, however, word would come that his training was to be put to the test as he was sent to FreeCloud in an attempt to locate and retrieve a missing member of Nazir's crew.

After a harrowing ordeal on FreeCloud, and a subsequent rescue by Nazir and her new crew aboard the USS Ulysses, Josue found himself assigned as the ship's Strategic Operations officer, where he currently serves.

Starfleet Academy
2384-2388 Cadet I-IV - Intelligence Track
2388 - Cadet Cruise - USS T'Povra - Intelligence Officer

2389-2391 - USS Valmont - Junior Intelligence Officer
2391-2392 - Starbase 173 - Intelligence Officer

Lt. Junior Grade
2393 - USS Cassiopeia - Chief Intelligence Officer
2393 - Field Assignment - FreeCloud
2393 - USS Ulysses - Strategic Operations Officer