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Ensign Bobbi Katz

Name Bobbi Ann Katz

Position Biologist

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian (Lynx)
Age 23
Starfleet Service Number BK-46859128-FJK

Command Codes

Command Access Authorisation Code Katz-9-1-Alpha-Delta
Voice Authentication Code Katz-Two-Eight-Gamma

Physical Profile

Height 5 foot 1 inches
Weight 120 pounds
Hair Color Blonde with brownish fur with dark brown markings
Eye Color Feline silver
Annual Medical Review Physically Fit

Personality Profile

Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests To settle down to have a dozen kittens herself. Gardening; Anything Ecological, Reading, and Taking long walks in any ecology; Standing in the Rain; and Dancing
Strengths and Weaknesses ( + ) Highly Intelligent
( + ) Standard heightened senses (Hearing, Sight (nightvision), and Smell)
( +/- ) Stubborn
( - ) Curiosity can over come her common sense, and will wonder off to explore
Annual Psychological Review Mentally Sound

Family History

Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown (Adoptive: Bryant Katz)
Mother Unknown (Adoptive: Wilma Katz)
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown
Other Family Unknown

Service History

Personal History Before Starfleet Bobbi doesn't know who her parents where, but she was taken in by a young human couple, Bryant and Wilma Katz, that worked on a Independent Trader Viz Night. They named her Bobbi Katz, and raised her, but wouldn't tell here where they had gotten her from. Unfortunately the ships Captain and a few of the older crew where in the mind set that sense she was a child, she was completely useless. As she grew up, she started to help around the ship as a gopher for the ship's engineers.

When she reached the age of 18 the Independent Trader Viz Night pulled into Earth orbit, as that was her final mission, because she was being decommissioned. This put her and her parents in a hard place. Find a new job or retire, but Bobbi made her decided to attend Starfleet Academy's Science Program. Sense she was able to travel to many different worlds on the Trader Viz Night, she learned that she enjoyed the wilds of the worlds. So she started to learn what she could about Ecology.

Once she arrived on Earth and applied to Starfleet Academy. She already knew that she wanted to be an Ecologist. As she studied on Earth, she made it a point to travel to the different ecology's on the Planet and within the solar system. She even took a few summers to travel to star systems that where close to Earth to study the ecology's there.

When Bobbi graduated at the top of her chosen field, she wanted to go to a planetary outpost. She was annoyed that she didn't get a planetary posting, but was sent to the USS Ulysses. She decided that she would put this posting to the test, and prayed that they would see many M-class worlds.
Starfleet Service History Independent Trader Viz Night (18 years)
Starfleet Academy (5 years)
USS Ulysses (Current)