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Lieutenant Commander John Carey

Name John Alexander Carey

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Command Codes

Command Access Authorisation Code Carey-Omega 5-2-7 Delta

Physical Profile

Height 6 ft 7
Weight 235
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Standing at a height of 6 ft 7, he can be menacing, and often is mistaken as an asshole looking kind of guy. Always looking pissed off, and ready to take out frustrations out on the nearest Ensign. When he isn't on shift, he's at home with his four kids and wife. However he does take time to hit the gym to keep his body in shape.
Annual Medical Review Fortunate enough to not have any injuries from onduty, he had however broke a couple of bones while skydiving in the holodeck.

Personality Profile

Personality Overview Although his looks say otherwise, he is a big softie, and is willing to help anyone out.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests He enjoys time with his family, spending most time with his family when hes free, he also enjoys brushing up on his martial arts, weapons training, and meditating. His long term goals is the centre seat, but he isn't afraid of staying in a position if it needs to be.
Strengths and Weaknesses Taking his work to heart, he sometimes takes it too serious, and sometimes doesn't know when to stand down. Hes not afraid to question questionable calls when the time calls. Which gets him in trouble.

Family History

Spouse Chloe Reigns-Carey
Children Greyson Carey
Cameron Carey
Cora Carey
Michelle Carey
Father Alex Carey
Mother Jessica Carey
Sister(s) Melissa Carey

Service History

Personal History Before Starfleet Growing up in St Catharines Ontario, Canada, Earth, he lived a quiet life, his parents being in starfleet however they chose to remain on earth, taking jobs on Earth when they started a family.

However as he grew older, the tales his father and grandfather had told him, made him yearn for the stars. He thought about the engineering, but Security was the ultimate choice for him, however he did minor in helm, and got his piloting certification.
Starfleet Service History Joining at the age of 18, starfleet academy was an experience for him. Going through the first two years he concentrated on his studying security, advanced weaponry and martial arts. His social skills weren't the top of the list.

However the third year he decided to minor in helm, becoming a skilled shuttle pilot, however the thing he took out of that training was the person he started dating. His instructor, just a few years older than he was. They hit it off, and just a few weeks into training.. She had a kid already from a previous relationship which ended as he was killed in a skirmish with a klingon pirate. Within six months, they were married and he adopted her daughter, with the blessings of the fathers family.

With the Academy over, they decided that they wanted to be a family, he got a position as security officer onboard the USS Resolution as a security officer under the command of Captain Cameron Greyson. An old crew mate of his father.

The resolution was a galaxy class refit, the one and only Galaxy that can land the saucer section on a planet. It had fitted the resolution well several times, but starfleet had done away with it due to the war with the dominion ten years prior.

The Resolution was mostly for reliefs, almost set for either decommisioning, or a second refit, it was being sent to less hostile environments. This was ok with him, having become a father of three more the next three years. Of which he made the rank of Lt jg after the second. Followed by full Lt by the fifth year. The pace was slow. He had relatives climbing the ranks quickly,. But he enjoyed the slow pace. Enjoying what life had to offer, spending time with the kids.

He also made a name for himself for sticking up for his beliefs, questioning, but not disobeying. Never crossing a certain line, This got him looked at when the Assistant chief was given his own department head position during the sixth year onboard.

In 2394, the time came to decommission the Resolution, he like everyone else, was reassigned. Although he applied, he was denied the position of the USS Ulysses. However was given the assistant chief position instead. Although a little put down about the news of not getting the position, he accepted the position, upon hearing about the possibilities with the ships new slipstream drive.