Specifications - Ulysses Station

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An abandoned installation of unknown origin, the station is located on a moon orbiting what is believed to be a class P planetoid. Technology on the station is somewhat more advanced than current Federation standards, and luckily there are not too many systems that are incompatible with equipment salvaged from the wreck of the Ulysses. Although much of the station is still unexplored, especially those decks that go beneath the moon's surface, those that are active are running on low power until reactors can be reactivated and augmented with supplies from the Ulysses.

The station has a large hangar deck where the Starfleet shuttlecraft and runabouts of the Ulysses have been housed, whilst defensive and offensive systems have been boosted with salvaged parts from the Ulysses. Most notably, the planetary shield grid, which was offline, has been boosted with one of the shield generators from the ship, and torpedo compliments have been augmented.

From a design perspective, the crew have been able to ascertain quite a lot about the stations previous owners, with levels 01 and 02 very sparse and clean, with a clear focus on authority and command and control. Regardless of whether it is Ops, the Observation Lounge or even the corridors, rooms are well lit and spacious, usually with good views of the space outside. But from level 03 down, with the exception of key facilities such as the computer core and medical bay, rooms become cramped, dark and relatively unpleasant in comparison.

Level 01 of Ulysses Station is one of two levels of the facility that can be seen externally. This level of the facility is home to the Operations Center, rooms that have been converted for use by command staff as offices and briefing rooms and also the upper level of the large internal Docking Bay.

Level 02 of Ulysses Station is the second level externally visible and is the largest in the facility. Most of the level is dominated by the internal Docking Bay and the facilities and resources required to service the auxiliary craft that survived the destruction of the Ulysses. What space is left on level 02 is located deep inside the Moon's surface (ideal for protection) and is designated for habitat and recreation purposes. Habitat space is at a premium, with even the senior staff bunking with, at minimum, one other person (with the exception of the Captain, who has a private quarters). Makeshift mess facilities, cinemas and other areas have been created to service the recreational needs of the crew during these trying times.

Level 03 is entirely submerged beneath the surface of the Moon, with the level dominated by a high tech medical lab and other science facilities which have been augmented with parts salvaged from the wreck of the Ulysses. Level 03 is also the location of various cargo bays and storage units which have been converted into fabrication and salvage bays.

Level 04 is entirely comprised of engineering related facilities, such as the computer core, communications equipment and the like. It is also via level 04 that access to the reactor core, the main source of power for the station, is achieved.

Located some 200 meters beneath level 04, from where access to the reactor is achieved by turbo lift (or a very long set of ladders), the reactor core is the main source of power for the station, harvesting much of its energy from the core of the Moon itself. On the reactor level, various stations are provided so engineers can monitor and work on the reactor to ensure its continued stability after many decades offline.

Class Specifics

Class Forward Outpost
Role Command and Control
Duration Unverified
Time Between Refits Unknown
Time Between Resupply Unknown


Length Uncalculated
Width Uncalculated
Height Uncalculated
Decks Unknown - 4 Currently powered

Personnel Statistics

Officers 120
Enlisted Crew 800
Civilians 300
Emergency Capacity Unknown

Tactical Systems

Defensive Systems High Powered Structural Integrity Field
Planetary Shield augmented with Starfleet multi-adaptive shielding systems
Offensive Systems 6 Rotary Phaser Turrets augmented with Starfleet Type-XII phaser relays and equipment
4 Torpedo Launchers augmented with Starfleet components
Torpedo Complement 100 Quantum Torpedoes
100 Photon Torpedoes
5 Tri-Cobalt Devices
Array of Scientific Probes

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays 1 Internal Docking Bay
Shuttles 8 Type-11 Personnel Shuttlecraft
6 Type-10 Cargo Shuttlecraft
12 Type-VIII Workbees
Runabouts 2 Argo Class Runabouts (and land vehicles)
1 Arrow Class Captain's Yacht
1 Hazardous Terrain Vehicle
2 Mustang Class Runabouts