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Operations Center   The command center of the entire facility, Operations (or Ops) is a very sterile, clean environment compared to much of the lower levels of the station. Sitting directly on top of the internal docking bay, Ops is made up of three compartments - the command, catwalk, and aft entrance sections.
Administration Office and Observation Lounge   A large, well decorated space, the observation lounge doubles as the administration office for the command authority.
Hangar Deck   Perhaps the biggest space on the station, the internal hangar deck is dimly lit and relatively crowded with the addition of all the craft salvaged from the Ulysses.
EVA Suit Room   Attached to the hangar deck, the EVA suit room is a preparation room for crewmembers going on away missions to prepare and get dressed into EVA suits.
Bunks   Capable of housing between 10 and 15 people, the bunk spaces on Ulysses are primitive, but have some space for storage and basic amenities such as cooking and storage.
Recreation Deck   The recreation deck, or RecDec, as it is colloquially known, is a very primitive space designed for the crew to mingle and socialise, with a massive window in place of a roof which allows for beautiful views.
Medical Bay and Science Labs   One of the most high tech rooms on the station, the medical bay doubles as a science facility, with offices and multiple rooms coming off of the main diagnostic room.
Computer Core   The computer core is the main engineering facility, outside of the reactor core, where the engineering team do all they can to manage the operation of the station.
Reactor Core   The main source of power for the station, the reactor core is subterranean and is accessible by turbolift or a very long climb on ladders. Currently, due to technical issues, the main reactor runs for only several hours at a time before having to be shut down for ten hours to prevent core shutdowns.
Upper Level Corridors   A stark contrast to the dark and dreary rooms of the lower levels, the upper level corridors are well lit and clean, resembling the clean and spartan nature of the command and operations center.
Lower Level Corridors   In stark contrast to the well lit and spacious corridors of the upper levels, from level 03 and down, the corridors are quite cramped, not well lit and some are even cut off due to power and life support issues.