What Happens in Risa Part One

Posted on Sunday March 29th, 2020 @ 6:29am by Lieutenant JG Tokala Brant
Edited on Monday March 30th, 2020 @ 2:15am

/=\Keihie Risa. Three weeks before Tokala's arrival on Ulysses/=\
Talin was very good at what she did, that is why her benefactors paid her so handsomely. She had a reputation for always accomplishing her mission and delivering the goods. Her go-to method was seduction. She was petite, about five feet five with dark, almost Asiatic features. She would normally use her beauty to seduce her target. She'd used it with equal sill for both genders.

But, it wouldn't work with her newest victim. he played on a different team than she did and wasn't attracted to the opposite sex. That had not slowed her down though, she'd come up with a different plan that she was confident would work. It played to a weakness she'd been told he had.

Kihei was a remote island ner Risa's equator. It didn't see a lot of tourists, not like the rest of the planet. It was more remote, with limited technology and not a lot of other amenities. But that was by design. They catered to a different type of client, those looking for a more rustic experience.

Tokala's time on the Deep Space Five was done. It had been a good run, it had been both fun and rewarding, and he had grown a great deal, but he had a new assignment and a promotion. He was still a Lieutenant Junior Grade for now, but on the Ulysses, he would be a Department Head, the Chief Strategic Operations Officer.

He'd play a little different role on a ship rather than a station but it wouldn't be that different. He knew he could make the adjustment. At least Starfleet had given him ample advanced notice and even a three-week leave. He'd spent a week back on Earth with his family and had even run into his ex, Ren on a spectacularly forgetful night of pub crawling, then he had traveled to Risa.

The first week had been about reconnecting, his time on Risa was supposed to be about disconnecting. Some alone time, just for himself. He'd done a little research and found the perfect spot for that Keihie. He planned to spend three days there and then four in the more traditional Risan way

His first two days went according to plan. But then, things went awry.

After a long run and an even longer time spent in the water, half the time swimming, half the time honing is intermediate skills surfing he was laying down on a beach towel basking in the sun. It was then that he heard a scream.

Without hesitation, he rolled to his feet and started running towards the source of the sound. He had no phaser or any other weapon and for that matter was wearing only a pair of boardshorts and nothing else.

Around a slight curve, he saw a woman being held by two men. He wasn't sure exactly what their intentions were but he knew that whatever they were they weren't good.

He didn't shout, didn't announce himself, or let them know he was coming. Instead, he lowered his shoulder and plowed into the man that was holding the woman and both of them fell to the sand. He looked up, expecting the other man to attack, but that's not what happened.

The woman, Tarin smiled at the two men then pulled her phaser out and shout Tokala in the back. It was set on heavy stun, but she didn't kill him. She was just the courier and he was the package. What the recipient did with him was up to them.