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Chief of Operations Log

Posted on Saturday July 18th, 2020 @ 4:00am by Ensign Jocelyn Zemke

"For several days the main computer has been experiencing mysterious mishaps. Lieutenant Wilson and I have been attempting to locate the source of faulty programming which continues to affect primary, secondary, and tertiary systems. The information we have gathered, thus far, would seem to indicate some kind of trojan-ware which has managed to evade computer diagnostics. If our hypothesis is right, the mal-ware will continue to replicate itself in new locations. They Ulysses will continue to experience odd and adverse effects as the mal-ware continues performing its. It is our hope that the soft-ware is in the early stages, and has not yet affected or integrated itself with primary files.

Our assessment is also troubling because it likely means someone has intentionally placed this malicious software in the computer programming. No evidence of sabotage has yet been noted. In order to identify and stay a few steps ahead of the malware, we have cloned a copy of the existing computer system. Independent computers in the Ops Officer are currently comparing the cloned image to manufactured specs, software updates, and all other manual programming changes made by Engineering and Operations crews. The Trojan files and codes will be identified, but the severity of the impact is yet to be identified.

End log.


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