As the dust settles

Posted on Sunday February 14th, 2021 @ 9:37am by Commander Aria Winters

Time is against us.

There is no time to pause, to breathe. To process. That will come later.

I hope.

For now, my priority has to be finding anyone who may have survived. For all of those who managed to reach escape pods or shuttles and runabouts; many more were trapped aboard the Ulysses when the collision happened. Including our captain. I can only hope that the efforts of Lieutenants Rabb and Wilson to slow the ship and adjust her trajectory did help in some way. The composition of the moon disrupts our sensors yet it appears there may be some small pockets of the ship intact.

Those will be priorities for Lieutenant Wilson and his team. His orders are to search the ship, attempt to locate any survivors and ensure they are beamed to safety. Doctor Hill will be remaining with the makeshift flotilla of escape pods and support craft, overseeing the care of the injured and of anyone we can rescue. It gives me great comfort to know he will be 'manning the fort' such as it is and Andrea Carter is there to assist if he needs it. Her Starfleet days may be behind her, but her experience may be more invaluable than even she appreciates right now.

My resolve to keep everyone together has been tested. An unusual reading on the far side of the moon suggests there may be a structure of some kind. It could be a temporary shelter for the survivors or it could be a threat. Either way, I cannot ignore it and the only way to determine if this could be a danger or a glimmer of hope is by checking it out.

Add to this that beyond short range communication, we have been unable to make any contact with Starfleet so far. Our instrumentation is somewhat dubious, affected perhaps by the same interference we have experienced with comms and sensors. Maybe, distance will resolve the issue but for now, retreating is not an option until we find any survivors and get them to safety.

It can be plan E.

By the time we reach plan E, I hope we have the captain back safe and well. I've experienced the loss of a ship and crew before, I do not want a repeat. Which is another thing. Nyall.

I haven't even seen him since he came back aboard but I checked. He is not on a shuttle or a pod. Which means he is on the ship. Somewhere. I am trying to remind myself that he is a survivor. He saved me more than once. I hope his luck holds out and he manages to stay alive until we find him.

Because then I can kill him myself.

Computer, delete last line and save log.