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A little hope

Posted on Sunday April 18th, 2021 @ 9:54pm by Lieutenant Isabelle Veran
Edited on on Sunday April 18th, 2021 @ 9:58pm

Mission: Revelations
Location: Shuttle bay
Timeline: Day 21 at 1830


Isabelle strolled amongst those in need, pausing every now and then to put out what spare medical blankets there were over people who needed them, and offering warm words of support to those who needed it. She smiled as she saw Siana taking care of his patients.

Offering a few parting words of encouragement to one of the injured engineers, Dr Siana turned to seek out his next patient. There was, sadly, no shortage of them. Yet, inwardly, he knew they should be grateful for every soul which had managed to survive the tragic loss of their ship. For now his job was relatively simple, keep them alive and heal the wounded. For some that was a relatively straight forward task. For others...

Running a hand through his hair he offered a reassuring smile to one of the nurses in passing, which was when he noted a familiar face. "Lieutenant Veran," he called out as he approached the counsellor, "I am pretty sure I recommended you get some rest?"

“You did, I’m disobeying your orders so guilty as charged.” Isabelle grinned. “Just because I look and feel like a baby space whale it doesn’t mean I’m comfortable sitting around. Besides people here need someone to talk to, someone to offer reassurance, that’s what I do. Although right now I could do with resting my leg.” She offered a sheepish grin.

"You are in luck!" Nyall declared, ushering her to the far side of the room. "I have the finest storage crates this side of the galaxy. If I may?"

Taking one of the blankets, he folded it over before placing it on top of one of the smaller storage boxes they had found. Satisfied it would at least be a little more comfortable, he stepped aside, "your seat awaits."

Taking a seat Isabelle smiled warmly. “Thank you. You know the old saying about doctors and therapists being the worst patients! That’s me. I’m never one for sitting around, I can’t” She massaged her temples. “Now my senses are fully back I can feel every emotion in this entire room and complex. I hear a mass of thoughts, and it’s something that never goes away, speaking of which do you have something for a headache?”

Without a word he disappeared for a moment to fetch a med kit. When he returned, he knelt down, propping open the kit and retrieving a tricorder. "Do you get headaches often?" he asked as he worked. He was, away from sickbay and patient records, flying blind. So to speak.

“On and off usually due to my Betazoid abilities, I developed them earlier than I should have so stress for me is more of a problem than for most.” She shrugged her shoulders. “This headache I’ve had on and off since the crash, you did say at the time I had a concussion which I guess doesn’t help.”

"Indeed it doesn't but this," he held aloft a hypospray before administering an analgesic, "will. And the headache will naturally ease soon. Until it does, we can give you something to help. I can't imagine it is easy being a telepath or empath at the best of times, let alone right now."

“Yeah ... it sucks!” Isabelle smiled. “When I first awoke my senses were really foggy, but since they’ve come back ...” She shook her head. “The sheer amount of pain, despair, and hopelessness that’s just hanging in the air is phenomenal. People are afraid, lost ....” she paused before snapping herself out of getting lost in the emotions. “But it’s not all doom and gloom, there are those that are hopeful me for one! I can’t give in, I have a son that’s depending on me.” She rested her hand on her bump.

"I've of a mind to be hopeful too," he offered with his most charming of smiles. "I just joined the crew, me and that bundle of nerves red head over there... That's Dr McDonald.

But the reason I came at all was not just because of Dr Hill but the XO. She and I go back a ways and I don't think I've ever met someone so determined and stubborn. And resourceful. And from what I've heard, the Captain more than earned her pips. They will steer us right. And while they do, what's left of the medical staff shall keep patching you all up."

Isabelle smiled more warmly. “Sounds good to me, I don’t plan on going onto maternity leave for another month or so yet. Even then I’ll still be working, just on a reduced schedule. I will continue to have faith and trust that whatever happens we’ll be okay.”

"That's the spirit," Nyall grinned.

“I’m the one that people come to for reassurance remember?” Isabelle smiled warmly. “I have to have faith, or at least try.”

"True enough," he grinned. "You are probably gonna need a lot of it in the days and weeks ahead. It is easy to become disheartened. Sometimes too easy."

Isabelle nodded her smile disappearing. “I have to be strong, it’s just me and this little one. His father decided he wasn’t ready for a family, so he moved on and left us behind. If I’m not strong then I don’t deserve to be a mother. I didn’t plan to have a baby but I want to be a mum and I won’t let my son down! I won’t let anyone down.”

"I remember hearing an old human expression, about taking a village to raise a child. Or something like that. The important thing to take from it is that you should never feel you can't ask for help, or that you should resign yourself to raising your child in solitude. Everyone needs help sometimes."

Isabelle nodded, “I promise that I’ll ask for help when it’s needed. I’d be a pretty hypocritical Counsellor if I didn’t listen to both yours and my own advice.” She smiled warmly.

"Well, since doctors make the worst patients, I couldn't comment," he grinned.

Isabelle grinned in return. “Do you think we’ll ever get home? I’ve been doing my best to reassure the crew, but to be honest I don’t know what to believe. A ship’s crew is a big family and we all need each other but it makes it all the harder being stuck out here.”

There was a brief silence as Nyall looked around them. "I know it seems bleak but I've been in what seemed like a pretty hopeless situation or two in the past and made it out okay. I have faith this will work out if we all stick together."

Isabelle nodded. “Then who am I to throw a dampener on that!” She grinned. “We all have to stick together, all we have is each other right now.”

“So very true,” Nyall nodded in agreement before offering a grin. “And who knows? Maybe the cavalry will arrive before we resort to field rations. Nutrition doesn’t excuse the taste if you ask me!”

Isabelle grinned. “We can but hope! If not we’ll just have to get used to the taste for the time being. At least rations are designed to be nutritious, when you’re eating for two you need all the nutrition you can get.”

"Very true," Nyall agreed as someone called on him. "I'll come by and check on you soon. But, if you are determined to be doing something, maybe keep an eye on Firecracker for me..." he gestured to a young woman on a stretcher, currently asleep. "Maybe Bambi would be more appropriate but either way, she came aboard with me. This is our first day, quite the start, huh? Anyway, I get the feeling she might need a friendly face or two around."

Isabelle nodded. “That I can do, don’t worry she’ll be okay.”

He flashed her a grateful smile, “thanks. I’ll stop by soon, okay?”



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