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Posted on Saturday April 17th, 2021 @ 9:08pm by Captain Keziah Nazir & Lieutenant JG Josue Torres & Ensign Udal & Ensign Nisha Kedam & Commander Aria Winters & Lieutenant Commander John Carey & Lieutenant Isabelle Veran & Lieutenant JG Peter Wilson & Ensign Bobbi Katz & Ghanima Asavvi & Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Hill M.D. & Ensign Dazia Kiaol & Petty Officer 1st Class Alex Chan & Petty Officer 2nd Class Adam Michaels

Mission: Revelations
Location: Hangar Deck
Timeline: Day 21 at 1800

Reverberations could be felt around the massive hangar complex each time one of the many Ulysses support craft came in to land, the metallic substance ringing out for a short while as the landing craft made contact. In normal circumstances, it would probably be an annoying sound, but today of all days it was the most welcome sound of all. Survivors from the Ulysses were coming together again, and they could finally start to take stock of their situation.

A short amount of time had passed since Commander Winters and the Away Team had made contact with the survivors on the Ulysses, and together with Commander Hill on the Runabouts, she had made the call to commence landing operations in the Hangar Bay of the facility they had located. Life support had been restored in the bay, apparently thanks to the mysterious 'AI' they had encountered in Ops, which enabled the craft to land and, for a while, the crewmembers to disembark and stretch their legs, even if they couldn't really go anywhere else for now.

On the larger upper landing pads of the Hangar Bay, Runabouts of various type began to make landfall, whilst on the lower level, shuttles bunched together to maximise landing space. A dull fizzing sound could be heard every time one of the craft entered through the massive forcefield that covered the entrance to the bay and kept the lifeforms inside safe from the vacuum of space beyond. For the many trapped in escape pods out beyond the forcefield, it was a waiting game. They would, in time, be transported down to the facility, but at present there was just no space in the hangar for the countless escape pods. At least there was hope in sight though.

Another dull fizz indicated the entry of another craft, this time the Runabout Yukon, the vessel that the wounded Captain and some survivors from the wreckage had been transported to. Lieutenant Josue Torres watched from a safe distance as the craft came in to land and, with his small team, he prepared to render assistance to get the wounded to a makeshift medical area at the far end of the Hangar bay. Once the craft was safely down, and her doors opened, the hulking green figure of Ensign Udal appeared in the doorway and took a deep lungful of air.

"Somewhat stale," he frowned, jumping down to the deck below.

"Better than recycled air on the Runabouts I am sure," Lieutenant Torres smiled as he approached his colleague and they exchanged brief hand shakes. For Torres, who was still in his EVA suit (minus the helmet), it was very pleasing to see more of his security colleagues.

One by one, figures began to emerge from the cramped Runabout.

Isabelle slowly and carefully disembarked the Runabout, she was glad to be able to stretch her legs a little. Being sat down was all very well but she could only sit comfortably for so long before her back started to ache from the extra weight she was carrying around, There wasn’t room on a cramped Runabout to lie down and stretch out comfortably, although at the stage of her pregnancy she could only sleep on either side anyway. She looked around curiously. She spoke to no one in particular. “What do we know about this place so far?”

"Where are the wounded being treated?" Doctor Siana asked as he poked his head outside of the shuttle, unwilling to leave the captain unattended for too long. "We've got a few minor injuries, but a few more.. extensive."

"We've set up a makeshift medical ward at the far end of the hangar bay Doctor," the Security Officer gestured in the direction of the medical area before addressing the Counsellor's question. "Knowledge of the station is limited Lieutenant," Josue spoke honestly, "we've accessed the Operations Center but we're limiting the number of people wandering the site until we have a better idea of what we are dealing with. Also, if we stay in close proximity to the support craft we can depart in a moments notice should we need to," he told, pragmatic as always.

“Sounds like a good plan to me” Isabelle smiled warmly. She couldn’t help but wonder just how big this place really was.

Just a few short moments later, Commander Hill walked by, his attention firmly, and squarely, on the prone Captain that lay on the makeshift gurney carried by two of his medical orderlies.

Ghanima followed the Captain's gurney closely, though kept enough distance to stay out of the way of the medical persons. She had become invested in Nazir's state of consciousness since she had come-to on the ship. She wasn't really sure what else she could do for the captain, nor where to go in the new surroundings. The large, open space of the hangar deck was intimidatingly vast, especially compared to the close quarters of the ship. Agoraphobia had never been something she suffered from, but maybe she would start today.

Bobbi Katz was beamed down with the other injured people from the shuttle. She hissed loudly as she shifted her injured leg, causing her a lot of pain. This woke her up fully. "Easy there Ensign." A dark skinned human woman said in blues. "We still are trying to heal your leg."

She hissed as she moved into a more seated position. "I still feel light headed." She said watching the other woman running a dermal regenerator over her leg wound.

"Well you did lose a bit of blood. So you will need to limit your moving around." The dark skinned human stated.

"Alright Doc." Bobbi said as she leaned back against the bulkhead. She looked around the room. "Where are we?" She asked.

"I don't know as of yet, Ensign." The dark skinned Doctor stated. "I'm sure that we will find out shortly."

"What do we have here?" Doctor Siana enquired as he approached the pair, nodding to the nurse who was doing a fine job of tending to the ensign's wounds. He was about to say more when he caught a glimpse of a familiar figure entering the bay and heading straight towards Dr Hill. No doubt to check on the status of the captain. Understandable. He almost called out to catch her attention. Almost. As reunions went this was the worst time imaginable. Instead, he turned his full attention back to his newest patient.

"Doctor Siana. And you are?"

She gave a weak smile. "Bobbi Katz, ships Biologist." She stated shifting her injured leg, which caused her to hiss loudly. She panting for a few moments before speaking again. "Do you know where we are?"

"Well, wherever it is, I don't think I'm leaving a five star review," Siana pointed out, "the decor alone needs a pop of colour here and there, don't you think?"

He caught the somewhat exasperated rolling of the eyes from the nurse and sighed. People here didn't know him well enough to appreciate his humour, obviously. "It is an abandoned facility, picked up from one of the shuttles," he informed the ensign. "For now we are confined here until the facility is brought fully online and has been searched. Now you know as much as I do. Quite the injury you've got there, although with rest it seems like it will heal nicely if you can let the nurse finish her work and don't over exert yourself. I promise, we wont keep you off your feet any longer than we absolutely need to."

"A few nice looking plants, would be great." Bobbi said. "I would like to see how big this place is, and I want to find a large compartment to build a hydroponics garden and farm." She stated. "If we are going to be stuck here for awhile, then we should treat this as a colony situation. With my studies as a Biologist, I did take a minor in Colonial Engineering."

"All in good time, Ensign," Nyall replied with a good natured laugh, "I love the enthusiasm but lets take it a step at a time. Don't worry, I'm sure your skills will be put to good use. Now rest up, and let us get you healed."

Peter materialized in a corner of the shuttle bay. He did a check of engineering after Jayse left but found no other survivors. He looked around and found Commander Winters. He made his way over and waited in line until he was next up.

"That was it Commander." He said shaking his head. "Three reactors are damaged beyond repair and the fourth is able to be partially operational, but there is major damage to the EPS system and what power it had was going nowhere. Last check before I left was an estimated 10 minutes of life support in areas that still held atmosphere." That was not a report he wanted to give but all their was to give.

As he spoke, Commander Winters ushered him towards a corner where fewer prying ears could listen in. She kept a stoic, neutral expression as she listened. It was not what she wanted to hear, but it was hardly unexpected. "Thank you for your team's efforts, Lieutenant. I know we all hoped for better, but you brought out survivors and we have to be grateful for even the little victories right now.

I know you must be exhausted but I'm going to need your expertise in getting this place up and running. Alien tech, alien language... Actually, you might want to find some packs of field rations and bust them open, it's gonna be a long night."

Peter nodded. "Yes ma'am. I'll be ready to go whenever you want me." He answered and made his way toward a supply bin. He did not realize it, but he was hungry. Come to think of it, he had not ate since breakfast, many hours ago. He took a bar he was issued and was grateful for the bland flavour he tasted. There was a lot of his shipmates that aren't alive to experience it.

Aria watched him go, for a moment her eyes sweeping the bay. The crew of the Ulysses had already endured so much, but ensuring everyone survived long enough for help to arrive was going to be a formidable challenge.

Nearby, Dazia and her Cardassian colleague tried their best to slink past the Commander and the Chief Engineer, in the vain hope that their deception might not be discovered. To maximise the potential of that desire, the two had swiftly become embroiled in efforts to assemble waiting areas and organise civilians into work groups.

John watched as Chloe brought their shuttle through the hangar doors, the shuttle was full to the brim with civilians from the ship, a lot of children made it to this shuttle, along with their four. He was only thankful that they all had made it out. It was mere weeks ago that he and chloe had made a plans of what to do in an emergency, and it was already being put to good use, unfortunately.

Chloe looked around people running around all through out the hangar, it was an understandable chaos, given what they had all been through, finding a spot big enough for their small shuttle, she noticed one of her crew members flag her down and guide her to a perfect landing spot.

Within moments, the shuttle was landed, doors opened, and the engine shut off. "Alright people, let's get out in a calm and orderly fashion." He replied noticing that there was a rush from everyone to head to the exit at once. I know you all want to get out of here. But let's not cause any more chaos, until we know exactly where you guys are going to go." There were visible groans, and 'I wanna get out' from some of the kids, including his own. But having everyone leave the shuttle without knowing exactly where to go, could cause chaos, which wouldn't help the situation.

Making contact with the XO again, Lieutenant Torres stood beside the woman and looked around at the hastily constructed areas and the rising number of people present. "What are your orders, ma'am?"

"We need to organise security details to help with the sweep of the station and secure the bay," she told him. She sighed, "it feels cold but I need to find a new Chief of Security."

"If you like, I'll start compiling a manifest department by department, then you can start making some decisions?" Torres suggested.

Finally noticing the XO, he walked up to her. "Commander, Lieutenant John Carey, haven't had a chance to formally meet yet. Have a shuttle full of civilians anxiously waiting to get out, do we have a location to keep non essentials right now." He looked around. "Seems to be pretty chaotic, understandably so."

"Lieutenant," Aria nodded in greeting, "pleasure. They can set up anywhere, but ideally not to far from the shuttle in case we need to evacuate quickly..."

She frowned as she studied the man. Carey... Carey... "Security, yes? Assistant Chief?"

"Yes, any idea where Lieutenant Ameld is, so we can come up with a plan?"

"I'm afraid that Lieutenant Ameld was among the dead," she informed the man, her tone sympathetic. By the time the final casualty list was known, everyone would no doubt know someone who had not made it off the ship. Still, it was never good news and typically, department heads and their deputy worked closely. Developed friendships if not at least a mutual respect. "Which means, effective immediately, I need a new Chief to ensure the bay is kept secure and to coordinate with myself and Lt Torres to have escorts assigned to our teams exploring the base. From what I recall of your record, you have the experience and I think you could be an important part in our efforts here. I just wish I wasn't making you Chief under better circumstances."

Pausing briefly, "Understood, I will see what I can do to get things settled around here."

"Please, link in with Lt Torres so we utilise people with tactical training as well and draft up a list of personnel and we can go from there. My main focus is to ensure nobody who is not authorised leaves this bay. Eventually they will get restless and likely tempers will flair, especially with rations mostly on the menu. I'm going to check on the captain but chances are, medical will need someone to make sure she stays in her bed until she is supposed to be up on her feet. I'd suggest your bravest men for that particular assignment."

"I will have to check who made it to be able to determine just who that is. If we lost the chief, there are others that I know would fit, but that was before the accident." John stated as he looked around for any of his officers. "Any exact number on our casualties."

"Not a final number, the medical team are working as we speak to try and keep the fatalities to a minimum. But there aren't many who got off the ship unharmed. Have Lieutenant Wilson give you a final list of people he can commit to the search of the facility and work from there to finalise teams. Short durations, people will need to sleep too. Just none of us," she added with a grin. "Let's get moving. I'll check in on the captain and then I will be in the Ops centre when you are done getting the teams organised. Lets go."

Nodding, John left and went looking for Lieutenant Wilson. He had a new job title, and was going to make sure he would earn it. Even though he had applied for that position, they had felt he wasn't ready, or the right fit. Now with it being thrown on him, it was all up to him.


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