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Posted on Sunday May 2nd, 2021 @ 5:58pm by Lieutenant JG Josue Torres & Ensign Udal & Ensign Nisha Kedam & Commander Aria Winters & Lieutenant Commander John Carey & Lieutenant Isabelle Veran & Lieutenant JG Peter Wilson & Ensign Jocelyn Zemke & Ensign Bobbi Katz & Ensign Lelann & Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Hill M.D. & Ensign Dazia Kiaol

Mission: Revelations
Location: EVA Preparation Room
Timeline: Day 21 at 1925

It had been over an hour since the last of the auxiliary craft had set down on the hangar deck and since then, attentions had turned to transporting the countless survivors from the escape pods, which had been relatively swift given the transporter functionality on all of the runabouts and shuttlecraft. Civilians were currently being put to use, either gathering supplies, replicating required items or building rest areas - more as a task to keep them occupied and out of the hair of the Starfleet officers who were either assisting or engaged in other more important tasks. Assembled in what looked to be some sort of preparation room for away missions, with what looked to be EVA suits and other equipment strewn around and lockers open, a number of crewmembers had been gathered for a new task.

"No rest for the wicked," Josue smirked as he sat back on a cargo container and rested his head on the wall behind. Either side of him, Ensign Kedam and Commander Hill had micked his stance and were trying to get a moments rest whilst the opportunity presented itself.

Beefcake, or Ensign Udal as was his actual moniker, was stood by the rooms aft wall, his arms folded across his chest as he looked around curiously. The room was a veritable who's who of the different departments. An eclectic mix of senior and junior officers, and even a civilian or two, had been drafted for whatever awaited them.

John entered the room, noticing some that he had vaguely become familiar with before the accident, by face, but not by actually meeting. He brought in several cases behind him, weapons for those who would be going with each team. He brought the cases to the wall and opened them, some were hand phasers, and others were rifles.

Lelann peeked up over the top of her PADD where she was reviewing what could be interpreted of the language. This would be an interesting excursion, to say the least.

Bobbi Katz, the Lynx looking Caitian, limped into the room. The Doctor had cleared her for duty, as they needed bodies for various things. Her leg still was hurting her, but not nearly as bad as it was with a huge chunk of metal hanging out of it. She did carry a ration bag and first aid kit on her belt. Now she was glad that she wore her short shorts under her duty skirt, but that was a bloody mess and ripped into rags. She she was wearing blue jean short shorts and her filthy duty jacket. She was also glad that she was able to get the dried blood out of her fur. She spotted a ranking officer in the room. She turned and headed there. "Sir how can I help?"

"We will be searching areas we already know of, searching for anything that may help us in regards to equipment, places to set up shop, and overall living quarters, as we seem to be here for an extended stay." John replied as he picked up a hand phaser. "Everyone will be required to have one of these on them. Each security officer will have a rifle."

"Sir, I would like to try and find the bases Hydroponics area, at some point." Bobbi said taking a hand phaser and a holster. "I believe that is why this station, even on limited power, still has a breathable atmosphere. It will also help augment our rations." She said attaching the holster to her hip.

"That is one of the objectives to the search, to try and find anything that would enable us to remain here safely for a longer period of time. The XO will have more information for us once she arrives." John replied as he brought up a padd. "They should be here soon with all of our objectives."

"We don't even know for sure that there is a hydroponics area on this rock," Ensign Kedam, one of the other science officers here gathered, countered, "the breathable atmosphere is just as likely to be environmental control as it was on Ulysses. From what Lieutenant Torres and Ensign Rabb have told me, I think we would be best served finding the source of power to this place, because without that being stable, we're screwed regardless of what other facilities we find," the Cardassian glared across at the Caitian with arms folded.

"Weapons and defences," were the only three words to come from the mouth of Ensign Udal, who continued to stand like a statue near the back wall.

"Lieutenant Carey is correct," Commander Hill finally spoke up to silence the junior officers, "you all make valid points, but Commander Winters is in charge until the Captain is back on her feet, and she'll make the call."

"With all due respect, Commander, some of us have served with the Captain longer than others and you can bet your last piece of gold pressed latinum that she would want us out there looking for the source of power behind this facility long before we go looking for plants," Ensign Dazia Kiaol argued back, a 'kick' to her voice as she delivered her words. In truth, some of the people on Ulysses had been there just a short while, and now they were all being expected to come together as some crew when, really, they hardly knew each other and they had been thrown together by this disaster.

"I understand that Commander Winters has the final call on what we are to search for." Bobbi stated as she started to rub at her leg.

"The fact is starfleet's policy, first order of business when marooned on a planet, is to seek proper shelter, Food. We will be searching for other things as well that will help us, but starfleet protocols have been in place for a reason. We have our protection for immediate dangers." Carey paused and turned to the Commander... "I apologize Commander if I am overstepping my bounds."

The doors opened and Isabelle walked into the room. Her leg was feeling better, though whether the doctor would agree with her wanting to help was another thing. She offered a polite smile to those already in the room. “My apologies if I’m late, I’d like to help if I can.”

"Come Counsellor," Josue smiled as he waved her into the room, "please join our dysfunctional little group," he smirked.

“Thank you” Isabelle found herself a corner to stand up against the wall to observe the meeting.

Bobbi limped slightly to a place to sit down at. Her leg was starting to bother her a bit, as it was healed, but not fully yet. She was glad that she was alive, but she did wonder about those that didn't. This caused her to sigh heavily as she started to massage her injured thigh.

"So this is where the cool kids are hanging out," Dr Siana commented as he arrived, ushering in Dr McDonald. She had insisted and, given she was out of immediate danger, who was he to argue when she wanted to help. He hadn't figured that venturing into the unknown was quite in Bambi's wheelhouse but maybe he had underestimated her. He caught a glimpse of Ensign Katz and sighed. "You, ensign, better not overdo it. You too Lieutenant Veran."

Entering behind them, Andrea Carter retreated to a quiet corner to wait. While her days of holding a rank in Starfleet were over, Commander Winters had sought her out and asked her to join in with the search of the base. Given the circumstances, how could she refuse? As her eyes swept the room she saw an eclectic mix of youth and experience, some bearing more visible scars from the destruction of the Ulysses. She couldn't help but muse that this crew would now either come together in a closely knit unit or it could fall into chaos.

"Yes sir." Bobbi said to the doctor, before her attention turned towards the door.

Peter wandered in a moment later and stood around a crate of supplies. His head focused on a padd of data he was still trying to he his mind wrapped around.

Jocelyn, shoulder to shoulder with Yasmin, filed into the large bay where most of their fellow officers had congregated. She had enlisted the help of her 'sister' to collect whatever tools they could immediately get their hands on to begin their work quickly when called upon. Each carried an embroidered Starfleet tool bags which contained most of the tool they would need to assist in 'jumpstarting' the station.

"Hey look it's Peter," Yasmin whispered, elbowing Jocelyn in the ribs. "He's probably gonna need these too". She hooked Jocelyn's arm and pulled her in Peter's direction.

Entering the room, Commander Winters raised an eyebrow at the sudden silence. It reminded her of school, when the class would fall silent as soon as a teacher entered the room. She nodded to Hill and Torres, and sent a small smile in the direction of Carey and Carter before she took a deep breath. "First, I know you are all hurting. We haven't just lost our ship today, we've lost our crewmates. Our friends. But this is not the time to focus on what we have lost," she told the group, her voice carrying through the room, "instead, we need to ensure the safety of the survivors until we receive help from Starfleet."

"Which is where you all come in. This base has the potential to be a lifeline for this crew, but it is largely unexplored and for the most part offline. Our priority is to restore power, bring life support and environmental systems fully online and complete a full search of the facility to identify potential threats and resources. That is where you all come in. Teams will work in shifts, with engineering and Ops working on power and environment systems while everyone else will be searching the base. But nobody, and I mean nobody, goes anywhere without a security detail. Lieutenant Carey will be co-ordinating assignments so do not try and be a hero and end up giving Dr Hill even more work to do."

"Well hopefully we don't end up giving the Doctor's more work to do." Bobbi said a bit sarcastic. Her leg was throbbing lightly, but she was ready to do her part.

Dr Sianna glanced over at the science officer biting down on the urge to comment on the tone. Instead he just smiled, "we'd sure appreciate that, Ensign."

“Same here Doctor” Isabelle smiled. “I’m not planning on overdoing it, I’d just like to be useful.”

"Each of you will be assigned to either a repair or search team, each team will be in groups of three or four and you will all be armed," Winters continued, nodding to Lt Carey, "and for a maximum of two hours at a time. We have limited suits and for now, life support is patchy at best in the rest of the base. It also means you will get a guaranteed rest in between searches. Once we get environmental systems fully up and running, we can extend the time teams can spend exploring the station. It isn't ideal, but we have limited resources and need to use what we have."

"For those that haven't already picked up a weapon, please do so now." John replied as he motioned over to the crates... there was still plenty of weapons to choose from. "Each team will be as the Commander pointed out, will be assigned at least one security officer, that officer will take point, especially in those areas of the station we do not know of, or still unsure of what it holds. Seeing as this station is unfamiliar, I believe it would be wise to keep a rebreather on us just in case the repair teams suck out all the air. We have got to be prepared for anything." He took a list of pads, each with a name and duties of said officer, and placed it on the lid of the extra crate.

Isabelle smiled. “I hope they don’t want me to fit in a suit!” She rested her hand on her bump. “I know they do large sizes, but I doubt they do maternity size.” She made sure to pick up a phaser, not that she liked the idea of having to use it.

Lelann put her padd down and grabbed, then safety-checked a phaser from the crate. Everyone was having to do lots of things they weren't entirely prepared for and she was no different. "If you require assistance putting on an ev suit, Lieutenant Veran, I can assist you."

"To be absolutely clear, until I have assurances from Lieutenant Wilson that we can have sustained life support, no team goes anywhere without an EV suit," Commander Winters stressed. "After that time, yes, breathers as a precaution. It means teams will have to swap out and we will have teams in constant rotation. If you have not worked in a suit for a prolonged period of time, or feel Claustrophobic, now is the time to speak up and we can assign you to other duties until such time as we can explore more freely. Lieutenant... Veran? I'm happy for you to be involved in the search provided the medical staff concur and you are comfortable with the potential risks."

Bobbi stood and raised her hand, because she was shorter than most of those around her. "Sir, do we have any EVA suits fitted for Caitian physiology?" She asked.

"We do, or did," Aria replied, "unfortunately they are in the wreckage along with any other specially adapted equipment. Lieutenant Wilson, could someone in your team look into adapting a suit?"

"Aye ma'am. We can make something work somehow." Peter said and looked over to the Caitian. "Well do what we can to try and make it comfortable as possible." He said to Bobbi.
"Alright." She said looking at he pile of suits. "You know that any other modifications will make it unsuitable for anyone else." She stated.

Peter nodded. "Yes, but we can rotate out of suits. She does not even have one. When we begin cannibalizing the Ulysses we may run across more suits, but this will at least get us operating."

"Alright. All teams, at your designated schedule, will leave from this room. As a last point, Doctor Carter will be co-ordinating our science department until we have had an opportunity to fully assess who can replace the Chief," Commander Winter's announced, gesturing the the human who as standing off to her left. "While she is no longer an officer, her knowledge and experience will be invaluable and we are going to need to take advantage of what resources we have. She'll catch up with all of the science department staff as soon as possible. Alright, check out your assignments and get organised. The first three teams set out in an hour."

As people began to gravitate towards Lt Carey and the assignments, Aria looked towards Lt Wilson. She couldn't put this off any longer. "Kedam, Kiaol! Not so fast. Both of you with me. Lieutenant Wilson, if you could join us? Everyone else, carry on."

"Aye ma'am." Peter said and followed the Commander.

Isabelle joined the others as she waited to see who it was that she’d be teamed up with. Wearing an EV suit was going to be less than fun, but if it protected her so much the better.

‘Shit,’ was the first thought Dazia had upon the order from the Commander, with an exchange of glances between her and the Cardassian.

Nisha took a deep breath as she rose to her feet and approached the Commander.

Judgement Day.


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