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Second floor, Pt 1

Posted on Tuesday May 25th, 2021 @ 2:17am by Lieutenant Commander John Carey & Ensign Bobbi Katz & Ensign Lelann

Mission: Revelations
Location: Second floor
Timeline: Day 1 at 0000

John leaned against the case, awaiting the remainder of the team, they had their orders, and for their two hour time limit for the search he would like to get going on it as soon as possible.

Lelann approached, face neutral. She'd been assigned to this team, so of course it was to the leader they'd gather. "Lieutenant." Nod, then she can stand perfectly still and think.

Bobbi took a few moments to take care of some personal business. She still a limp as she walked towards the pair. "Hello Lieutenant." She said nodding to the pair.

"Ensign... you going to be ok?" He asked, knowing that she was injured during the accident, he found it commendable, she was still up to the task.

"Yes, I am fine." Bobbi said winching as she had started to bounce, but stopped. "Yes I'm fine, just still a tad tender. So L-T, what is our job?" She asked with a painful smile.

"Good to hear ensign." John replied with a nod, "Our task is to search level two of the base, and find anything that might help us. We have a list of priorities, but picking up things that can be useful will not be out of the question, or they can be tagged for later retrieval."

"So do we need to wear the suits?" Bobbi asked looking at the suits.

"As I stated before, yes we do. Is there a reasonable explanation that you can't wear a suit."

Rounding the corner with a medical kit sling over her shoulder, Dr McDonald arrived to hear the tail end of the conversation. “Unless you have a wish for certain death, everyone will need a suit. The Oxygen levels are still well below minimum tolerance further along this level,” she offered. She looked towards Lt Carey. “I’m Dr McDonald, sir. Or just Alex is fine.”

"Oh I have no issues on wearing a EVA suit, but umm...." Bobbi said looking down at her feet. "I guess there is a good thing that most EVA suits are set for humanoids of about 5 foot 6 to 6 foot 2." She stated. "As I'm short, so I'm going to be uncomfortable, but I can make the suit a bit smaller. Do we have any rope or cargo straps?" She asked with another bounce, which resulted in a hiss of pain and her to stop bouncing.

"There are eva suits here for shorter people... they are adjustable as well." He replied as he walked over to the suits. "Starfleet has members who are as short as three feet and require such things." He picked p the required one for her size. "Anything else?" He asked as he handed it to her.

"Nice." She said looking over the EVA suit. Then she got the boots and then compared then to her large foot pad. "I guess I will make do, with my feet and tail." Bobbi stated as she went to look for larger EVA boots.

"Tails are a different story. I am sure we can do something about that after the search should the need arrise."

"Can we go?" Dr McDonald asked hopefully, "I hate wearing these things."

"Right this way, wanted to make sure everyone was all set. Make sure you keep your communicators on, at all times, just in case we are separated unexpectedly."

"Will do," McDonald said with no small amount of nerves. "I promise, I'll be right behind you Sir."

John started off, it was just down the hall, the path that would lead them down to the second level. the corridors were narrower than that of starfleets, and it made him wonder the original race that built the station.

"I hope your not claustrophobic." Bobbi said walking down the halls, behind the others. Her feet where already starting to hurt from the improper foot ware, and her tail to being smashed in the suit, which she was glad that she didn't have the standard Caitain tail and her was like that of an Earth Lynx. That would have hurt like bloody hell.

Lelann found herself third in line, silent but attentive. She took images of every instance of the language she saw and took notes down of what they passed, even in the near-empty hall.

As they walked down the corridor, it had split several times, to both left and right. Options to look into, but for the time being he had chosen to continue straight. It was easier way back, especially on the first search. Pausing he stopped at a door, some writing on it. there was a large gap without any more doors, an indication it may just be a large room. "Wait here." He ordered as he checked his rifle, raised the barrel, and made his way in. It was dark, most of it was empty some equipment in the corner some barrels. Given time this would make a perfect cafeteria. "Clear."

In the corridor, Dr McDonald had been starting to worry before the security chief signalled it was clear. In the short time he was gone, she imagined all kind of horrible fates befalling the man. Now assured of his safety and that the room beyond was safe too, she entered the room, the beam of her flashlight sweeping the high walls or else completely swallowed by the dark. It was damn creepy.

"Some lights, some plants, this could be nice, I guess?" she reasoned, sure their resident botanist could help with the latter.

"Depends upon your definition of 'nice'." Lelann finally spoke up, though softly, and searched with her light for anything to document.

"That would depends on what plants that we salvage from Ulysses." Bobbi said taking a quick look in the room.

John walked to the door, tagging it with his tricorder. "Lets continue."

"Lets," McDonald nodded in agreement. She was more than able to visualise all those dark, shadowy places hiding all manner of things. Including spiders. She shuddered at the thought. "We are right behind you, Chief."


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