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It's alive!

Posted on Saturday July 3rd, 2021 @ 9:48pm by Lieutenant JG Peter Wilson

Mission: Revelations
Location: Station core
Timeline: Day 24 at 0400

He rolled around in his makeshift bed, unable to sleep. Peter had moved his sleeping space to the lower level so he could spend more time trying to get the station operational. Now that he had somewhat of an idea on a language, at least the concept of it, he had something to go on.

He had isolated himself to his work for the duration. The Commander had gave him authorization for rations and extra water. He lugged the food and water down, along with his bed roll and kept himself to his work. He had studied the layout of everything in detail before he was comfortable pressing any buttons. The first Ulysses, a test gave Commander Winters head trauma and the new Ulysses the slipstream went haywire and they landed here. Admittedly, the first was sabotage and the second was failure of experimental tech, not directly his fault, but still, he wanted to be cautious.

He had stayed on the main engineering center for most of his time. Partly, because most of the controls where here and secondly, the stairs down to the core were really long and coming back up was a pain. He had studied the layouts three times over. Each time, he felt just a little more confident that his ideas were wrong. If this was the stomach, things should process like that, but he was missing something. He figured all the pipes and conduits were like veins and arteries, but the controls still didn't make sense. What was he missing? The question had robbed him of sleep for now the second night.

He shotup in his bedroom. "The heart!" He yelled. Nobody was with him and he had begun talking to himself outloud to help process his thoughts. "I need the heart!" Looking around. This was the stomach, it processes nutrients and puts it into the blood, but the heart is what distributed the blood. Where was the heart? He guessed down at the core. People used the phrase "heart of the star" why not the moon?

Peter grabbed two jugs of water, a ration pack and his PADD then began the very long trek down the stairs. He made good time going down, that was always the easiest. He promised if they lived and figured this place out, he was fixing that lift. He was not about to do a 200 meter stair climb daily for maintenance. That was after he showered. Getting closer to what passed as the power core in the planet was higher temperatures than he really liked.

Arriving down in the core area, he stopped and took a drink of water. oO Add cooling units down here to the list. Oo He thought. He made his way to the primary control section and reviewed his padd. There were two major sections of pipe traveling far below him, one looking like an input and an output. "Artery and Vein." He said outloud to himself. "We need more power, so...the heart needs to beat faster." He said and looked around. He saw a digital display showing something still unidentified that faced one of the large pipes with controls below it.

He placed his tricorder on the display and angled the scan to the flow of Carbon in the pipes and had a rate per minute. There was a slider under the monitor that was mostly to the left. He moved the slider a little farther to the left. The monitor changed and lights began to flash all around him red. "Bad bad bad!" He said and moved it back to the normal position. The lights went off. "Commander Winters, I really hope you were holding onto something if that was gravity." He said to himself, remembering the severe head trauma she got from his previous test.

He looked at the tricorder and saw that the flow had slowed for a moment, then returned to its baseline. "Maybe this will make the heart pump faster." He wondered. He held his breath and moved the slider a little to the right. No alarms sounded this time. The tricorder showed a small increase in flow and the background sound of the station generators seemed to change pitch. He moved it a bit more to the right until it was halfway over. The hums definitely increased in sound and the flow sped up measurably. He also noticed a button had turned green. It was labeled stomach. Feeding the stomach?

He went to go to the stairs and went up twenty steps and had a thought. Did he increase power to the stomach? If he did, maybe the lift worked. He ran down and tried to call the lift. It hummed and the stopped with a red buzz. "Blast, powered but busted." Oh well, he could at least walk. He slowly made his way back to the stairs and slowly climbed up. He stopped halfway up to take a break and have some ration. He had skipped a couple ration meals over the days in study and to try and make the supply last longer. Side effect was lack of energy for a 200 meter stair climb.

After a break he finished his climb up. He came into a glowing room. Things were lit more. Symbols he didn't see prior had color on them and some displays were active that were dormant before. He went to the center chamber and looked around. He looked at his padd and what Lelann had decifered over the last couple days that she sent him. There were multiple green lights each labeled "extremity." There was almost a dozen. He looked at himself and only saw four. "Well, maybe they weren't humanoid." He said.

One way to find out. He pressed a button. A hum happened and the master display showed golden lines branching out floors above him. He smiled and pressed another. More gold lines higher up filled areas he thought was part of the base. He hit a third and the lines began to flash. The all the buttons not pressed were red and the three he touched were amber. He pressed the button again and they all turned green and the flashing stopped. It was probably power levels. Too much demand, not enough "blood" to add that one. Something was working now and it was up above him in the station somewhere.

=/\= Wilson to Commander Winters. Bloods flowing, I mean power is going to a couple areas above engineering. I turned something on! I just don't know what. =/\= He said excitedly. Then he paused a moment. He really hoped it was something good he turned on. If not, they would be in trouble.


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